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Traditional feng shui was applied in the northern hemisphere and the issue of what should be done to adapt feng shui for people living in the southern hemisphere only surfaced in the 1990s.

The main problem is that when we talk in terms of the five elements it no longer makes sense when applied to the southern hemisphere. Clearly how description and understanding of fire chi does not apply to the south side of a southern hemisphere home. As the five elements are tied into different times of day and year according to our solar system this makes even harder to apply the five elements to the southern hemisphere without adjustment.

For example fire energy describes the energy or chi of the summer solstice and mid day sun. In the southern hemisphere the mid day sun is to the north and the summer solstice is in December.

The counter argument for making changes for teh southern hemisphere is that the earth's magnetic field is consistent across both hemispheres and that the stars will take up a similar pattern in the sky regardless of which hemisphere you live.

For this reason styles of feng shui and practitioners that place a greater emphasis on the cosmos can feel that there is no need to make any changes for the southern hemisphere.

Personally I think the sun and the seasons have a greater influence on us than the cosmos and therefore in my approach changes do need to be made for the southern hemisphere.

Essentially you should swap north and south but leave east and west in the same places. This would then apply to all the workings. For example a bathroom in the north-west would now have the chi of the south-west and therefore there would be a mix of soil and water energies (harmonised by metal chi).

If you live in the southern hemisphere you should consider the south side of your home to be more yin and the northern sunny side more yang. Similarly you can assume that fire chi energy is associated with the sunny fiery northern side of your home and the winter, night time, water chi energy with the southern side. East and west will remain the same as tree and metal respectively. In my opinion this reversing of north and south can only be applied to this system and you should try reversing the eight directions so that S becomes N, SE becomes NE, and SW becomes NW.

As there is no consensus of opinion among practitioners you may need to experiment and decide for yourself.

I hope this helps you.

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