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Sea Salt and Feng Shui

Open dishes of sea salt are used in feng shui to help purify the atmosphere. The salt is thought to have a cleansing influence on the chi. Rather like the way salt absorbs moisture from the air, salt is also considered to dry the chi.

A dish of sea salt can be placed by an entrance or window to help wash the chi flowing into a building.

Another placement is to put the sea salt in the north-east and south-west parts of a building to help increase stability. The theory is that this five element earth axis is less stable and benefits from the dense, absorbent, five element metal, properties of the salt.

Ideally the salt would be changed every month or two.

Another application is to cleanse the chi of a room by sprinkling sea salt over the floor at night and then sweeping or vacuuming it up in the morning. This remedy can be used for encouraging spirits and ghosts to move on.

Try to place the salt when you feel happy, content and loving so that you imaprt those emotions as imprints into your home.

If using salt be careful to keep away from babies, children and pets.

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