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brown rice


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250g Short grain brown rice

150g Barley or whole wheat

100g Whole rye, whole oats, aduki beans, soya beans or kidney beans.


Pinch of sea salt

Add short grain brown rice to your pressure cooker or heavy pot. Wash and rinse a few times. Have the pressure cooker / pot on flat surface, put one hand inside, palm resting on the rice. When water reaches your wrist stop. Leave the rice to soak for at least five hours (overnight even better). Add a pinch of sea salt. Put the lid on tight and bring to a boil. Make sure you bring the rice to boiling slowly (medium flame is best) if you want to avoid burning it. Place the flame diffuser on another ring, warm it up and when the water starts boiling or the pressure cooker valve pops up put the rice on the diffuser. Boil or pressure-cook it for 40 minutes. When finished, switch off remove from the diffuser and as soon as the pressure valve comes down remove the lid and transfer the rice in a pre rinsed bowl. Leave to cool.

Can serve with roasted seeds, nuts, nori sea vegetables or cut corriander, mint, and or parsley over.

Suitable for vegans and anyone following a macrobiotic diet. This recipe comes from Modern Day Macrobiotics

You can book an online or in person macrobiotic counsultation with Simon. You will also benefit from help with lifestyle, food, healthy practices to improve a health condition.

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