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I run a range of educational programs to help you develop yourself and if you wish, take you through to making your own career out of one of these practices.

You have the choice of one to one courses and trainings that can be arranged for anytime you wish to when appropriate studying with a group of people. To explore this further click on Personal Tuition.

My style to teaching is to encourage you to develop the confidence to take on a new subject and make it your own. The emphasis is on empowering you to feel able to fully express yourself through your chosen subject in whatever style and approach suits you best.

The classes include explaining basic ideas, developing an understanding, practice, discussion, working together and supervision. I aim to help you make your own discoveries, enjoy your particular revelations and gain from your insights.

Most of the courses take place in London in the UK. I can travel to teach and some courses can be on-line.

I currently run courses in the following subjects. Click on the subject for more information.

Feng Shui



Connection Therapy


Face Reading

Nine Ki Astrology

Wabi Sabi


Chi Energy


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