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Macrobiotic Freshly Squeezed Juice Recipe

Juices can be an excellent source of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, minerals (Calcium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, sodium and sulphur) strong in living energy, appetizingly colourful, delicious, and a fun way to be creative with colours.

Fresh juices are a very helpful part of any weight loss regime, as they are filling, satisfying and sustaining whilst being mostly water with very few calories. A juice will typically keep you satisfied and satiated for 90 minutes longer than dry food, like a sandwich, with the same number of calories.

As they are raw, juices will retain all the fragile nutrients that would otherwise be lost through cooking.

Juices are alkaline forming, and low in the GI.

To make your juice, bring together a range of vegetables and fruits that appeal to you.


In terms of chi, freshly squeezed juices can be generally classified as yin and cooling. They are associated with the five elements water and wood. This implies raw vegetable and or fruit juices are best used during the summer or when the weather is hot, or in hotter climates.


Being raw, fresh juices are alive with living energy. This makes them a powerful source of chi. The straight from the field to our intestines, means they bring fresh, pure nutrients to our bodies.


It is easy to create a very colourful, enticing juices from raw vegetables and fruit. Green, red, yellow and orange are common colours that are readily available. Colour helps increase our appetite, enjoyment of the meal and feeling of being creative in the kitchen.


It is easy to include sweet, bitter and sour tastes into a juice. This helps make a juice satisfying.



2 Apples

2 carrots

1 small beat root

1 small pear


1 Apple

3 carrots

1 large orange

½ small lemon

½ inch piece of fresh ginger root


2 green sweet apples

1 celery stalk

Handful mint

1 small lime or lemon


12 breaths with focus

1 meditation

As much living in the moment as you like

Feel what combination of vegetables and fruits will make your ideal juice


Put the vegetables and fruits through your juicer and drink straight away. I do not wash or peel vegetables or fruit that are organic and look clean. You can mix with hot water to create a more relaxing feeling. These juices will be highly alkaline forming and full of fresh ingredients.


Juices present a great opportunity to be free, creative, experimental, flamboyant and expressive. We can have a lot of fun playing with different combinations and enjoy the experience of drinking them as well as feeling their influence on our bodies, minds and emotions.


Raw foods require more energy to digest and we may absorb less energy from them. According to research by the BBC we may get 50% less energy from raw foods. We allegedly use more energy digest celery than we absorb from it. This make raw juices a useful part of any weight loss program. We can feel full and satisfied, even though we are absorbing less calories.


Cooking kills most unhealthy bacteria in plant based foods, making them generally safe to eat. Raw foods are generally alive with bacteria. Some of this will be healthy bacteria and some will exercise and strengthen our immune systems.

At the same time it is more important to avoid exposure to particularly harmful bacteria through juices, so be sure to wash hands, chopping boards, knives and ingredients.

Simon can help you with macrobiotic cooking classes so you can learn new skills and ways to create your own macrobiotic diet.

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