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miso soup

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Miso soups are popular with people following a macrobiotic diet. This has many potential benefits. The vegetables, wakame sea vegetable and miso combine to make this a highly alkalising soup, ideal if you want to counter the wealth of acid forming foods we tend to eat and help restore our body to a more healthy pH balance. In addition the miso provide healthy bacteria that can help create the ideal environment in our digestive systems. The ingredients combine to create an amazing mix of vitamins and minerals. This recipe serves four. You can store left over soup in the fridge for a day. Try a miso soup once or twice a day for ten days and see how you feel.


750 ml (1 1/3 pints) water
1 onion (75g)(2 3/4 oz)
1 carrot (100g)(3 1/2 oz)
4cm (1 1/2in) wakame
4tsp barley miso paste
A handful of watercress, Chinese cabbage, parsley or finely chopped greens.
1/4 sheet nori for decoration
Desert spoon of chopped spring onions / scallion, parsley, corriander, taragon or mint for a garnish.
100g of mussels, clams or fish optional.
Grated ginger to taste.
Small clove of garlic finely chopped optional.

Bring the water to a boil. Add onions. Simmer for 5min. Add carrots, break up the wakame into small pieces and add to the soup, and if you wish clams, mussels or fish. Simmer for another 5min. Just before switching it off add a small handful of finely chopped up green vegetable, ginger and garlic. Switch off. In a cup put 4tsp of miso paste (best to use unpasteurised barley miso) and some water and dilute the paste. Serve with a few finely cut pieces of nori sea vegetable and chopped garnish for taste. Mix in the diluted miso to each bowl just before eating so you do not destroy the healthy bacteria by over heating.

To complete the healthy experience eat listening to your favourite music or watch a DVD that makes you laugh. After meditate for a minute and be aware of how you feel.

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