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Natto is considered a superfood for its amazing properties. It is protein rich with a wide range of amino acids. Natto is high in calcium, iron, vitamin K and wide range of minerals. It has a unique nutrient know as vitamin K2 that research claims reduces the incidence of internal blood clots, reducing the risk of strokes.

Natto taste like a mature brie or camembert cheese. It has a slimy, sticky texture. Natto is made from fermented cooked soya beans and if left at room temperature whilst exposed to the air can develop healthy bacteria. It is mostly eaten raw. The fermentation is thought to create an inhibiter that reduces or eliminates our absorption of oestrogen from the soya beans. Natto is normal sold frozen.

Natto is a great convenience food that takes two or three minutes to prepare.

Natto Recipe

1 Packet of natto

1 tsp shoyu or tamari

1 tbs chopped spring onion, scallion, mint, coriander, cilantro or parsley.

¼ tsp mustard

1 tbs fine grated daikon or mooli

Defrost the natto and leave at room temperature and expose to the air for at least two hours to increase healthy bacteria. Stir in the shoyu, one of the fresh herbs, mustard and if desired grated daikon.

Can be eaten on top of rice or as a side dish.


Whilst eating, try to be in the moment and aware of the difference tastes within the dish. Feel the texture of the natto in your mouth. Smell the dish.

To complete the healthy experience, eat listening to your favourite music or eat with someone who helps you laugh. After meditate for a minute and be aware of how you feel. Notice if you feel different after eating the dish, compared to the meditation when you began. Be aware of how you have changed. This will help you become more aware and sensitive to the influence of foods.

Simon is available for online and in person macrobiotic consultations and courses to help you enjoy foods that will help you experience the best health.

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