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I have over 24 years of experience in providing a feng shui consultation and teaching feng shui courses. I am avaleble to you better able to succeed in life through fne gshui.

I have helped thousands of people with feng shui advice, written best selling feng shui books and contributed to the development of the Feng Shui Society. My feng shui clients include corperations such as British Airways, The Body Shop, Heron International, owners of castles and stately homes, celbrities and most importantly people in houses, flats, studio appartments and offices.

I am based in London but travel throughout the UK and Europe for my feng shui consultations and courses. I also offer a service of providing an online feng shui report by Skype / FaceTime and email.

I provide persional feng shui tuition and feng shui classes in London on a one to one basis and to small groups. These can be arranged to suit your needs and at a mutually convenient time.

I am regularly emplyed by the media as a feng shui expert and travel throughout Europe giving feng shui talks and seminars.

Feng Shui Consulations

On-line Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui Courses

Feng Shui Tuition

London Feng Shui Consultations and Courses

Feng Shui Consultations Denmark

Feng Shui Courses Denmark

Email, call 07543663227 or Skype Simon to discuss a feng shui conultation, course or private tuition. Contact Simon

feng shui course and consultation reveiws and comments

Karin Jensen Nordisk Akademi for Lotus Feng Shui 04/04/14

This year Simon G. Brown has been my guest for the 6th time at Nordic Academy for Lotus Feng Shui in Aarhus, Denmark to teach my students Feng Shui.
Simon G. Brown has a very deep knowledge of Feng Shui, which he communicates in a way that makes difficult material easy to understand. He has a special ability to accommodate the people he works with, so that they not only will extend their skills, but also develop personally.

Simon G. Brown has supported me in my work as a teacher, and he has been and remains a great source of inspiration to me both professionally and personally.

Alexandre Gama IMP School in Lisbon 08/04/14

I am the master coordinator of one of the best Feng Shui Courses in Portugal and senior Feng Shui consultant with an extensive experience.

It is an honor to reference Simon Brown, who has been a great inspiration for me, not only as a teacher but also as a great professional and a wonderful human beeing.

He really was an influence on how I went onto starting my own Feng Shui consultacing and teaching, and how I now run the IMP School

As one of the head teachers of our Feng Shui Course, Simon Brown as a remarkable style of teaching, combining both the knowledge of Feng Shui with his great care with students. I also highlight his sensitivity and his contemporary approach to Feng Shui.

Our Feng Shui Course in one of the most complete, not only in Portugal but also in Europe. Many of our students come from arquitecture, design and other professional areas, and become very proactive promoting and improving Feng Shui in their lives.

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