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To learn how to become a face reader Simon offers a one day course. This class is run on a one to one basis and can be booked weekdays or weekends. Online reading material included. The fee is £195 for the day. A typical day is from 10am to 4pm and includes lunch. The hours can be earlier or later.


Your online course consists of a series of 1 hour classes using Skype or Facetime, along with full information packs. You will be guided with reading material and suggestions for practice between session and benefit from email support as required. 4 classes is recommended for a full course. Each class costs £60.

You will learn;

How to make a face reading.

The theory of yin and yang and the five elements.

How to interpret faces using yin and yang and the five elements.

Character reading.

Health diagnosis.

Observational skills.

How use face reading to guide someone to being more successful, happier or more healthy. Through yin and yang, and five elements a face reading can be directly integrated with a range of subjects including feng shui, colours, nutrition, exercise, activities and healing.

Face reading is a great skill to have as you see faces in your interactions and you can better understand the person you are with. It is a highly valuable skill when working with other people and particularly for therapy, life coaching, feng shui, macrobiotics, massage, health care, interviewing and nutrition.

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