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These personal cooking classes are designed to help you begin macrobiotic with confidence, knowledge and experience. During each class we will cook a meal together and enjoy eating eat.

Learn how to cook delicious macrobiotic meals quickly for yourself, friends and family. These classes are adapted to your needs and circumstances.

The classes include macrobiotic tuition, explanation, help, coaching, supervision, practice and support. Each class is fun, relaxing, creative, informative, experiential and educational.

The classes can be arranged to include any of the following.


Macrobiotic Diet

Quick meals.

Macrobiotic breakfasts.

Macrobiotic lunches.

Macrobiotic dinners.


Bean dishes.

Cooking with whole grains.

Vegetables - salads, steamed, blanched, stir fried, pressed, stewed and baked.

Seasonings, herbs, condiments and sauces.

Macrobiotic Deserts.

Fermented foods.


A typical day starts at 11:30am and finishes around 2:30pm depending on how many questions you have. These times can be adjusted to suit your day. You can arrange to have your macrobiotic cooking class with friends and family.


Cooking classes are held at 3 Marlow House, Calvert Avenue, Shoreditch, London, E2 7JL or can be arranged to be held at your home.


My fee is £95 for one person and £45 for each additional person.

These prices include on-going support by phone or email.


To book an appointment or discuss your macrobiotic cooking class call 07543663227 or email

macrobiotic training day reviews and comments

"I had a wonderfully informative afternoon spent in London with Simon Brown, a long term experienced Macrobiotic Practitioner.

The afternoon was incredibly relaxed whilst we covered a wide variety of relevant topics. Experiencing the tea ceremony with meditation and my awareness of different tastes was fascinating. I enjoyed learning about left brain right brain perceptions and understanding the power of being able to switch between them.

Preparing a menu plan for lunch involved switching a variety of foods around until Simon had created a balanced interesting meal to eat. I would describe Simons cooking as quick, easy, intuitive with little mess. A delightful change to my normal cooking. The food worked wonderfully together reinforcing Simons intuitive knowledge about macrobiotics.

I thoroughly recommend spending time with Simon and listening to his knowledge as I'm sure you will come away feeling positive, lifted and ready to face the world."

Joanne Davison, Forest Row, owner of The Kind Diet 28/05/14

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