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I have thirty years of experience helping people enjoy the benefits of macrobiotics. This has taken the form of providing macrobiotic personal advice, consultations, classes, courses and professional training. I have written three acclaimed books on macrobiotics and was the director of London's Community Health Foundation for sevens years and chairperson of the Macrobiotic Association for three years. I am an internationally renown macrobiotic teacher and expert.

I am based in London but travel throughout the UK, Europe and USA for my international macrobiotic teaching, consultations and courses. I also offer a service of providing an on-line macrobiotic menu plans and recipes.

I currently provide personal macrobiotic tuition and macrobiotic classes in London on a one to one basis and to small groups. These can be arranged to suit your needs and at a mutually convenient time. Macrobiotic training days are designed to best help you get started quickly. Macrobiotic cooking classes with help you learn how to cook delicious, healthy, natural meals in 30 minutes or less. My certificate course takes you through to being able to be a macrobiotic cook, coach and advisor.

I am regularly employed by the media as a macrobiotic expert and travel throughout Europe and USA giving macrobiotic talks and seminars.

Macrobiotic Consultations

On-line Macrobiotic Consultations

Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

Get Started with Macrobiotic Training Days

Macrobiotic Certificate Course and Training

Call 07543663227 or email for more information, to discuss how macrobiotic might best help you and to make a booking.


I did exactly what you suggested and opened myself up to many different things, I'm working towards being an open water master diver and I did some volunteer work for a great charity and they offered me a part time job, I've never been happier I love it and I feel like I belong.... So thank you for your advice and words of wisdom - I listened and now I'm reaping the great rewards.

I'm vegan and have been for a while now I feel great and I enjoy a variety of organic foods all the colours of the rainbow I'm vibrant and full of health and at 45 ( my birthday was Wednesday) I can say I've never felt better.

Shelagh Dixon UK 22/07/2014


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