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FENG SHUI AND NINE KI ASTROLOGY reading and courses online and in london

Feng shui and nine ki astrology are based on the idea that from conception to birth we experienced 9 munar cycles and these powerful force left us with an imprint of following repeating patterns every 9 months and 9 years, creating subtle influences on our lives.

By understanding these we can better use these cycles to understand life and how we can do more with less effort. Applying feng shui astrology and nine ki help us feel like we are sailing with the wind or swimming with the tide.

I studied nine ki with Michio Kushi and then Takashi Yoshikawa and went on to write Feng Shui Astrology, later re-published as Astrology By Numbers. I have provided feng shui and nine ki courses and reading since 1990 and I am hapy to help you apply feng shui astrology / nine ki to your life. In my experience feng shui astrology / nine ki is most useful to explore new perspectives in terms of relationships, timing and moving.

You can arrange feng shui astrology / nine ki reading or course to be online or in person with Simon in Shoreditch, London, E2

Nine Ki Readings

Nine Ki Courses

Call 07543663227 or email for more information

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