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Do You Want To Feel Revitalized?
Would You Like To Learn Practices To Live A Healthy Happy Life?

Create your own special experience and treat yourself to a potentially life changing day. Choose the topics you most like from the menu below or contact Simon to discuss which subject would best support you in the changes you would like to make in your life.

During your Spa Day you can learn how to:

* make healthy choices to be your ideal weight, increase energy and express your natural beauty.

* be happy and love life so that you thrive in the beauty of every moment.

* find peace, relaxation and freedom from stress through simple daily practices that only take a few minutes.

* open up to new perceptions so that life becomes alive with new positive possibilities, that contribute an uplifting construct view of life.

Prior to your day, you will also have the opportunity to discuss those aspects of your health, you would most like to improve, and these will be addressed during your day. Your spa day includes on-going email support, individual menu-plans and notes for everything covered during the day.


Connection Therapy
Practices to connect to your self, and create beautiful connections with the world.
Macrobiotic Lunch
Healthy nutrition, colourful natural foods, delicious tastes and feeling satisfied.
Tea Meditation
Use tea to engage all our senses in a simple and easy meditation
Macrobiotic Cooking Class
Delicious quick natural, vegan, gluten free, sugar free healthy macrobiotic foods that are alkaline forming, low in Glycemic Index and include healthy bacteria.
Experience a deeply relaxing massage that increases energy, flexibility and well-being.
Meditation and self awareness
Learning quick techniques to change our emotional state and be free from stress.
Experience the powerful healing influence of palm healing.
Natural Deserts
Discover satisfying sugar free deserts.
Wabi Sabi
An introduction to the artistic expression of Zen, a freeing, engaging, sensorial life.
Emotional Freedom Technique for breaking free of entrenched unwanted habits.
Face Reading
Have you own face reading and find out what your face reveals
Nine Ki Astrology
Listen to a reading of your basic energy, based on your date of birth.
Feng Shui
Find out how simple changes to your home can create a new supportive atmosphere.

£195 for full day tuition, lunch and on-going help.


To reserve your spa day fill in this form.

“This day is dedicated to exploring how we can take all the resources we have inside us, and create a beautiful life, in every moment. We will explore how to free ourselves of the thinking, emotions and physical health conditions that can stop us from really enjoying this wonderful life.”

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